British and European

Wilberton. The sword was the predecessor of the Ewart Park sword.
£180 finished blade, £280 finished and hilted.
Urnfield (Classic wide leafed blade sword from Europe) Based on an original is in The British Museum Length 60cm, 850g
£340 inc. P&P £10 (within UK)
Carp's Tongue. One of the few complete swords of this type found in the river Thames.The original can be seen in the Museum of London. Length 74 cm
£200 P&P £15 (within UK)
Carp's Tongue. Finished version with oak hilt.
P&P £15 (within UK)
Ewart Park.  (new and improved ) Classic leaf shaped blade from the late Bronze Age. The original was found in the River Thames at Chiswick (West London). Total length of sword 64.5cm without pommel.
£220 finished blade or £330 finished and hilted P&P £15 (within UK).
Hallstatt C Mindelheim Late Bronze Age, high status cavalry sword. Length 82.5cm, 1000g,
£300 for finished blade, £400 for finished and hilted. P&P £15 (within UK)
The Limehouse Sword was the British bronze smiths response to the European Erbenheim sword.
£240 finished blade £340 finished and hilted.
Witham The antenna sword from Witham is one of a kind, imported from Europe, long leaf blade with strong centre rib, big spirals on handles as pommels, and four lines running parallel along the blade.
Sainte Anastasie Sword Bronze handled carp's tongue sword from France, the original has one of the few complete bronze scabbards in Europe.  Length 76 cm.
£340 P&P £15 (within UK)