Bronze Axes, Spears, and Tools For Sale

I like to think my work is some of the best available. My spears are all elegant castings cored all the way to the end with thin walled sockets like the originals. The edges on all of my work are forged, partly for the aesthetics, but also with the axes it makes them functional.
Large Early Bronze Age Flat Axe with authentic hand struck decoration and fully edge hardened.15 cms
£90 P&P  £6 (within UK)


Bronze Razor Late Bronze Age 10cm
£60 P&P £4 (within UK)

Ice Man's Axe Copper Age Europe. 10cm
£60P&P £4 (within UK)

Bronze Age Spear Ferrule 36.6 cm
£70 P&P  £6 (within UK)
It will go with all my spearheads and can have decoration added.



Large Lunate Spearhead 39.5 cm
£250 P&P  £12 (within UK)
The Selborne spearhead is one of the most stunning examples of its kind and is from the Black Moor hoard, the original is now in Met Museum New York.



Small Palstave Axe Late Bronze Age 14.5cm
£60 P&P £6 (within UK)

Large Palstave Axe Late Bronze Age 18cm
£65 P&P £7 (within UK)
Small Late Bronze Age Spearhead 18.2 cms
£70 P&P  £6 (within UK)

Hammer and Anvil Late Bronze Age gold working tools. Hammer head 8cm, Anvil 13.5cm
£100 P&P £6 (within UK)


Wessex Dagger Early Bronze Age. Authentic hand struck decoration. 16.4cm
£80 P&P £6 (within UK)

Large Late Bronze Age Socket Axe 11.5 cms  
£70 P&P  £6 (within UK)

Bush Barrow Lozenge This is an acurate reproduction of the the gold lozenge found near Stone Henge.
£150 P&P £6 (within UK)