In My Workshop

This page show some of the commissions I am currently working on.
11th December 2013
For Stuart Davies from Portals to the Past
20th November 2013
Replica artifacts from the G7 and G8 Wilsford Barrows, produced for the new Stonehenge Visitors Centre.
Mycenaean type G2 made for Joseph Balmos, USA.
Reconstruction of bronze sickle from surviving mould fragments. North Kessock and District Local History Society.
Currently being developed, the Hemigkofen and Erbenheim type swords.
Replica Wilberton sword made for Lockerbie Museum.
20th June 2013
Guilsfield Hoard for Shrewsbury Museum

Orust Sword
Created for the Vitlycke Museum / Västarvet.

Hans Lundenmark of the museum told me the story of the discovery of the sword.

The Orust sword has quite a story attached to it. It was found in 1884 stuck into seabed point down all the way to the handle. The depth of the sea where it was found was only 3 meters but when the sword fell into the sea some 3000 years ago its would have been deeper, around 15 meters. The question is how did it get there, was it dropped from a boat or perhaps sacrificed? 

The Tanum sword comes from a settlement and burial site (Tanum 539) a few km N of the  Vitlycke museum .  Traces of houses, graves, farming, crafts as well as rock carvings have been found at the site. The sword was found in a  inhumation grave, containing the sword a flint sickle and other  grave goods.
5th January 2012
Selbourn spear and G type for Petteri in Norway.
An interesting parallel with Rib Wort giving this spear an Art deco feel to the styling.
Carps Tongue Handle.
20th November 2011
B type with olive wood handle.

21 inch spear from Yetholm possibly found with the famous bronze shield.
Shown before and after polishing and engraving.

A  special Urnfield sword for Jürgen Pawlitschko Germany.
Special G type with bone handles for Athanasios Greece.
Two Urnfield swords for University of Bergen in Norway.
4th May 2011
The selbourne hoard
The Urnfield sword at different stages of finish.
Comparative sizes of some of the Aegean swords.
The new Canaanite khopesh.
My new version of the early F type.
16th December 2010
B type with Greek olive wood handles under construction. For Athanasios in Greece.
Late Naue ll with Greek olive wood
Matching pair of B type with finished Greek olive wood.
New F type
New F type Ash wood.
For James in The USA. Limehouse sword, before and after wood stain.
Ballycroghan  Ewart Park swords for North Down Museum.
Ewart Park sword for Caz Mamwell
Orkney Archaeology Tours
12th May 2010
Sanders B type Mycenaean short sword,
and Mesopotamian spear head for Yves in Belgium.
11th May 2010
This is my reconstruction of the Hameldon dagger for Exeter Museums new prehistory display.
The original pommel was amber and decorated with hundreds of gold pins.
Sadly it was lost in the blitz during 1941 in Plymouth along with the fragment of dagger blade. 
30th April 2010
For Yves in Belgium  Late Naue ll with large pommel,
seen here with a Late Egyptian Socketed Spear Head.
30th April 2010
For Florian in Germany  Mycenaean G type.
30th April 2010
Reutlingen sword for Colin at Frankfurt University.
13th April 2010
This is the unfinished Hallstatt C Gundlingen type with maple grip and oak pommel for Antonio in Spain.

13th April 2010
Work in progress for writer and storyteller Adam Bushnell.
The decorated leather work by Sarah Brown is based on the Knossos Dolphins.
13th April 2010
King David's sword, commissioned by
13th April 2010
Khopesh for Eric in Germany